4 Star Review on Yelp

Review from Camille B.

Camille B.

Tempe, AZ


The Clean Spin is a pretty neato laundromat as far as laundromats go. I’m only bothered by one semi attractive college guy who’s strictly being friendly and I’m writing this review on my free wifi. The rates for washes are pretty standard. $1.75 for the small guys and $4.75 for the “huge wash” that may be able to fit a good 10 or 12 infants inside. Aka, I can almost fit my 3 weeks worth of procrastinated darks and jeans. 25 cent dryers which is good in my opinion as well. Seeing as I’m here at 8pm, there are no attendants and the dry cleaning window is closed. Buuut it’s open 24 hours and I’m happy to be left alone and not feel creeped out or like I’m in the ghetto wash. 4 stars, yay!

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Thanks Camille B. for your entertaining review!  The HUGE washers will fit a lot of clothes!

-The Clean Spin

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