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Went and washed all my comforters tonight whew. The Clean Spin was empty when I pulled up and their facebook says they are only open till midnight so i was thinking i might be out of luck,  Considering it was at the end of the work day the place for all general purposes was very clean. I used both the super huge washers for 4.75 each and they both worked great. I used 3 separate dryers at .25 for 5 mins all of them got good and hot and i dried a thick comforter with .75 cents. There were 2 change machines, a snack machine a soda machine a racing arcade game, soap vending machine and a very nice tv that was on and working nicely.

My only complaints were it was a tad warm in there no fans for the season but i just hung out outside in my truck. AND the damn bathroom was locked thank god i wasn’t doing the peepee dance.  I can understand for obvious reasons maybe it is locked after a certain time.

all in all this place rawked and i will definitely be back

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Thanks Payton P.!   One great thing about our HUGE dryers is that they dry a lot of laundry fast!  Thanks for pointing out the airflow issue.  We fixed it tonight.  One of the thermostats was not working properly.

-The Clean Spin

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