COVID-19 Update

Our self-serve area remains open, even during these changing times. HOWEVER, we have decided to temporarily close our WASH and FOLD service to help protect our employees. Our office hours will also be limited to 9am-11am. Our attendants will be in periodically throughout the day to clean and disinfect. Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to returning to our typical hours in the future.


CDC Recommends Washing Clothes to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus (laundromat still open 24hrs)

CDC recommends laundering clothes to help reduce the spread of Conoravirus (Covid-19)

We continue to be open 24 hours a day to enable the public to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by washing their clothes.  Please continue to practice social distancing to flatten the curve!


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Upgraded Hotter Dryers!

New for 2013… Our dryers have been upgraded inside. They now produce more heat. This means that your clothes will dryer faster when set on the high setting. Drying up to 4 loads in one of our upgraded dryers will help get your laundry done FAST!Faster Dryers


New Hot Water Heater

The Clean Spin is greener with it's 98.5% efficient water heater!

February 29th was a sad day for The Clean Spin Laundromat.  We had to say goodbye to our faithful American Standard water heater.  We knew Stan wanted us to continue providing hot water, but in a more efficient way.  He was replaced with a huge Bradford White American made water heater that is 98.5% efficient!  Brad gets his efficiency from heating the water with his exhaust air.  This means more heat with less gas and more hot water to wash your clothes with.  Please enjoy Brad’s clean and hot water!


5 Star Review on Yelp!

Review from Payton P.

Photo of Payton P. Payton P. Tempe, AZ



Went and washed all my comforters tonight whew. The Clean Spin was empty when I pulled up and their facebook says they are only open till midnight so i was thinking i might be out of luck,  Considering it was at the end of the work day the place for all general purposes was very clean. I used both the super huge washers for 4.75 each and they both worked great. I used 3 separate dryers at .25 for 5 mins all of them got good and hot and i dried a thick comforter with .75 cents. There were 2 change machines, a snack machine a soda machine a racing arcade game, soap vending machine and a very nice tv that was on and working nicely.

My only complaints were it was a tad warm in there no fans for the season but i just hung out outside in my truck. AND the damn bathroom was locked thank god i wasn’t doing the peepee dance.  I can understand for obvious reasons maybe it is locked after a certain time.

all in all this place rawked and i will definitely be back

Review Link here

Thanks Payton P.!   One great thing about our HUGE dryers is that they dry a lot of laundry fast!  Thanks for pointing out the airflow issue.  We fixed it tonight.  One of the thermostats was not working properly.

-The Clean Spin


4 Star Review on Yelp

Review from Camille B.

Camille B.

Tempe, AZ


The Clean Spin is a pretty neato laundromat as far as laundromats go. I’m only bothered by one semi attractive college guy who’s strictly being friendly and I’m writing this review on my free wifi. The rates for washes are pretty standard. $1.75 for the small guys and $4.75 for the “huge wash” that may be able to fit a good 10 or 12 infants inside. Aka, I can almost fit my 3 weeks worth of procrastinated darks and jeans. 25 cent dryers which is good in my opinion as well. Seeing as I’m here at 8pm, there are no attendants and the dry cleaning window is closed. Buuut it’s open 24 hours and I’m happy to be left alone and not feel creeped out or like I’m in the ghetto wash. 4 stars, yay!

Review Link here

Thanks Camille B. for your entertaining review!  The HUGE washers will fit a lot of clothes!

-The Clean Spin


Ms. Pacman Has Arrived!

60 games in 1 includeing Ms. Pacman, Galaga, 1943 and more

This is not your ordinary Ms. Pacman.  For only 1 quarter you can play 1 of 60 games including Ms. Pacman, Galaga, 1943 and many more.  The machine has be completely refurbished in the original cabinet and is ready to play.  See if you can beat the high score!  Enjoy!

Here is the complete list:

Bomb Jack
Burger Time
Congo Bongo
Crush Roller
Dig Dug
Dig Dug 2
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong 3
Galaga (Fast Fire Mode)
Galaga 3
Gun Smoke
Jr. Pac-Man
Jr. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
Jumping Jack
Juno First
King and Balloon
Moon Cresta
Mr. Do
Mr. Do’s Castle
Ms. Pac-Man
Ms. Pac-Man (Fast mode)
New Rally X
Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
Pac-Man Plus
Pac-Man Plus (Fast mode)
Pinball Action
Shao-Lin’s Road
Space Invaders
Space Panic
Super Breakout
Super Cobra
Super Pac-Man
Tank Battalion
The End
Time Pilot
Van-Van Car


24/7 Laundry

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Huge Washers

Choose between our front loaders or top loaders in 4 different sizes.